Matthias Cuchra-Cukrowski

Nationality – cosmopolitan.

Painter and graphic artist


Matthias Cuchra-Cukrowski.

Nationality – cosmopolitan.

Painter, graphic.

Also writing important part of activity (essays, poetry).

Become recently interesting in video art.

Graduated at the academy of fine arts in 2003.


Life is Art,


form is practice,'

thought is content,

human bing a creator,

happiness it's a passion, ecstasy,

creation is a “tool”,

volatility is a base,

expectation, imagination, mystery,


movement is omnipresent.

About art:

Art which try to be full like a man who you could be, who you are.

World where things, symbols, values apparently trivial find their Magic.

Parallel in its subjective world whose intimacy get away to transcendence.

Art full of symbols, passion, tastes, smells, emotions, love, madness...

Very personal.

Intuitive but also thoughtful.

It's a diary about love affair with life.


First Love



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