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They play unplugged pop rock with Russian lyricks and with arabic and indian percussion.


DMITRI BORISOFF- Percussion ( Tabla, Darabuka)>St. Petersburg
PASHA GOODWIN ­ Vocal, Guitar. >Gotham City


DMITRI BORISOFF ­ Session percussionist from St. Petersburg. He works with ethno-psychedelic groups such as Ole lukoye. He records Indian, Arabic and African Percussion with different other musical projects. He use such instruments like Tabla, Darabuka, Jamba.

PASHA GOODWIN ­ Keybord, Guitar, Music and lyrics, Sound producer.
Worked keyboardman in one of the most popular Ukrainian group "GREEN GREY" 19961998. "GREEN GREY" was working like Warm up band with "PRODIGY", "FAITH NO MORE" and "RUN D.M.C." .
1998-1999 was worked in Moscow with the legend of Russian rock group "KRUIZ" and music produced the new album in stutio "KRUIZ" in Moscow. Makes some music to this projects ("GREEN GREY" & "KRUIZ").


Dimitry Borisov (left) Pavel Uljanovsky ( right )




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