Dette Medisin showet er kommet til Oslo for å løfte stemningen som i gamle vesten, kunst og kultur er o medisinsk, sjelemedisin handler ikke om at artistene nødvendigvis bare vil bli sett men i stor grad om den medisinske verdien av musikken som fremføres.

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Medicine shows were traveling truck, horse, and wagon teams which peddled "miracle cure" medications and other products between various entertainment acts. They developed from European mountebank shows and were common in the 19th century United States, especially in the Old West era (though they continued up to World War II).

They are most commonly associated with "miracle elixirs" (sometimes referred to as snake oil), which, it was claimed, had the ability to cure any disease, smooth wrinkles, remove stains, prolong life or cure any number of common ailments.

Most shows has their own patent medicine (these medicines were for the most part unpatented but took the name to sound official). Entertainment often included a freak show, a flea circus, musical acts, magic tricks, jokes, or storytelling. Each show was run by a man posing as a doctor who drew the crowd with a monologue.

The entertainers, such as acrobats, musclemen, magicians, dancers, ventriloquists, exotic performers, and trick shots, kept the crowd around until the salesman sold his medicine.


ANALOGT SKYGGEDUKKE LYSSHOW skal prosjekteres på og rundt bandet under konserten

komponert av : Ida Marie Kulsrud som er Robot nr 1 og Jack Pullmann som er robot nr 2



Trippel konsert på MONO tirsdag 23 juni med Viktoria Winges musikalskeprosjekt Evolution and Vik,som består av Marita Igelkjøn, på Autoharpe, Øystein Skjælaan på Bass, Martin Langlie på trommer, og Viktoira Winge på ukulele. ( Tre konserter a 35 min med to pauser og roterende vokalister)

Maesa(US) OGSÅ er vokalist i HP Gundersens band The Last hurrah!! spiller sammen med Jason Hiller på bass, Jack Pullmann (banjo) Martin Langlie (Trommer) og Hollywood Hilbilly Music(US)

St Hans 2015 på Cafe Mono byr altså på rykende fersk Amerikana og Country, direkte importert fra Beachwood Canyon, og Norsk Space-Blues med Punk-Poesi. I en god gameldags musikkutveksling der artister og musikkere roterer, og spiller på hverandre materiale.

Viktoria Winge (foto: Volapük 2015)


Evolution And Vik er om mulig en Space-Blues med Punk-Poesi-act.
Debut albumet "Your so pretty when your angry, baby" (Oh Yeah Records) fikk strålende kritikker i norsk presse november 2014. "Hun høres ut som en yngre Debbie Harry, en litt mindre gal Juliette Lewis, en tøffere Lily Allen, en mer nyansert Ida Maria." (Dagens Næringsliv)

Anmeldelse i Dagens Næringsliv - OA og Dagsavisen

Evolution and Vik

Video: Monroe & The Old Mans Sympony & Becoming One

Maesa Pullmann


Er allerede introdusert for et norsk publikum på Bylarm og på Festspillene i Bergen 2015. Hun er vokalist i HP Gundersens band The Last hurrah!! SOm har fått strålende kritikker i avisene i sommer.

Dagbladet & Bergens Tidene & omtale i VG

Maesa hails from Beachwood Canyon (Los Angeles, California, US). Her songs are much like the spirits that reside there … haunting, dream-like stories written with striking truthfulness and sung with a dusty soulfulness which will slay your heart. When she gets with her band she not only woos but rocks too. Get ready.

She is currently writing, performing and recording in Los Angeles.
Some have said: “Roots meets Billie Holiday” .. “Portishead meets Bill Withers”



Video med Maesa & The Last Hurrah!! "The Weight Of The Moon"

Maesa video " The Fall" & "Bells" - Legends of La La - Take Away Shows


Jack Pullmann ( foto: Volapük 2015)


Raised up a holler in the foothills of Mt. Lee, California, Jack Pullman of Hollywood Hillbilly Music is a practitioner of the spirit of forgotten Americana. He houses a handful of the ghosts of songsters, showmen, and front porch howlers, who come together to caterwaul a firecracker jubilee. His singing teacher was a tractor, whose roar compelled him into higher, loansomer frequencies as they clumb windrows of alfalfa in Montana and graded two-tracks in western North Carolina.

His songs are the ones that were too sauced to make it off the filling station icebox ninety years back and have been waiting amongst the beer and cola until they could be wrote today. Anthropologists might call him the bastard child of Emmett Miller, Roger Miller, and Jimmy Rogers; others have called him worse names than that. What he is, though, is his own machine, and you really ought to suss it out for yourself.

Jack Pullman og Viktoria Winge ( Volapük mai 2015)

Video med Hollywood Hillbilly Music

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Robot nr 1



Robot nr. 2