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viser filmen

" Jegeren og Kråka "


og her er kråka

Martin Conradi & Chiara Grifasi were both born in 73 in Italy.
Chiara is an architect and Martin doesn't really know what he is, but they work together on the PC making videos and animations. "Jegeren og kråka" is their first animationfilm, a very
poor and little and simple one, but who knows, maybe it could make you laugh. The animation was made together with Giuliano Bora, a photographer from Milano, born in 71, who is actually working on an animationfilm.

Chiara, Martin and Giuliano are part of something called the VORTEX, that is, not a "vortemiddel" or a toothpaste, but a group of people who work together on differentprojects with different means, that is, with technical and traditional means.
VORTEX was born in Genova in 97 and manifests itself by exhibitions, installations, expositions, concerts, projections. Everybody who works with creativity and communication to improve and move along with the rotatory movement of all things can be part of this VORTEX. VORTEX symbolizes for us the process of creation, the magical transformation from imagination to reality.
Right now VORTEX is organizing the music compilation "new sound of Genova" and a multimedial art festival in an old fortress on the hills of Genova for next summer.

VORTEX is also the name of a therapy group for people who have had close enconters with ufos, and for those who think they are in contact with them.
The result of this therapy group was the work exposed in Genova in the Ciani Art Gallery, on oct. 98, called "UFO`s Truth".


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